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" I really did love you more. "
" It’s romantic, isn’t it? Sitting on the bathroom floor with mascara streaming down your face because some boy who promised he’d love you forever found someone new.
How you send him letters written in your blood so he knows that you can hurt yourself just as much as he hurt you.
How you cut your hair as short as his new girlfriend and wear the same lipstick as her.
How you’re convinced that the mouth of the vodka bottle was a better kisser than he ever was.
How you hope that if you’re buried 6 feet under he’ll confess to loving you again. "
" Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back. "
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" I have no one — that is my sickness. "